Photo by Amy Lesesne

Once upon a time, there was a shy little girl who loved nothing more than to surround herself with art supplies and spend hours upon hours creating whimsical illustrations and stories.  While her family was very supportive of her creative habit and kept her well stocked with watercolors and oil pastels, they also encouraged her to pursue a vocation that would support her penchant for the nicer things in life (like groceries and a roof over her head...).

So this little girl listened to her parents, studied hard, graduated from a good college, and begin her career in the business world. 

Fifteen years later..the little girl is all grown up, and on track to making all her dreams come true.  She's married to an amazing man, has two adorable little girls and is juggling a great career with the joys of motherhood. The only thing missing was the pursuit of creative happiness!

As fate (and the enonomy) would have it, the grown-up girl finds herself unshackled from the corporate world and starts sketching again.  Inspired by her new life in the carpool lane, she creates a collection of whimsical tee shirts for stylish mommies.  To her amazement, the tees are a huge hit locally and soon spread to web shoppers and retailers across the country.

Darling Mummy has become a recognized lifestyle brand and continues to grow it's international fan base everyday.   In 2009,  Darling Mummy Studios was formed  in order to grow the company through licensing partnerships.  Our goal is to constantly introduce quality products with images and captions that make people laugh!

Thank you for visiting our site and supporting my creative dream! Come back soon!


Sherri-Aynn Collins
Artist and Co-Founder





The artist, age 8, proudly sporting a blue ribbon
at the Girl Scout Art Contest for her illustrated storybook, Gloria the Giraffe














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