Spread the darling love by hosting an online tee party!  This fun program gives you the chance to sell our tees through the Darling Mummy website. You will earn commissions in the form of merchandise and cash, while partygoers take advantage of free shipping during the designated party dates.

Here is how it works:
Darling Mummy hostesses, like you, sponsor a week-long virtual party where their invited guests can buy the merchandise with free First Class Mail shipping. The hostess earns merchandise credit and/or cash for each sale.

Simply supply us with a mailing list of 40 or more names and we will create an email campaign  that comes from you and directs your shoppers to a personalized start page complete with directions for participating. Your "partygoers" will use a free shipping code that is assigned to you, so we can track your sales.

 The tee party commission structure works like this:

  • Sales up to 500.00 earn 20% of sales in Darling Mummy merchandise for the hostess.
  • Sales over 500.00 earn 20% of sales in merchandise or cash for the hostess.

Darling Mummy Tee Parties are fun and simple; there is no expenditure on your part and you don't have to clean up your house for a trunk show! The bigger your email list the better chance for big sales. It is an easy way to earn free merchandise and cash. It�s also a great way to raise money for a school or non-profit organization.

Interested? Contact Sherri Aynn Collins to discuss tee party opportunities!


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